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Let’s have a water cooler conversation. No, seriously. Every office should have a water cooler.  But not just the office – our water service is perfect for warehouses, construction sites, churches, schools or anywhere else that people need drinking water.  With multiple cooler options and bottle sizes, we have something that works for you.

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5 & 3 Gallon Bottled Water

Our 5 & 3 gallon bottles filled with locally sourced natural spring water are perfect for any size household. These gallon bottles last for around 70 cycles which prevents approximately 3,800 small plastic bottles from going in the garbage each year. We then recycle them at the end of their life. Our route salesmen will come by on a regular schedule to replace your empty bottles so you’ll always have access to a cold and refreshing swig of Diamond Springs water. You really can’t beat the taste.

diamond springs 3 gallon 5 gallon water bottles
Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled Water Coolers

Water Cooler Services? What does that mean? First pick out a cooler. At Diamond Springs we offer a plethora of commercial grade cooler options – hot & cold or room temperature & cold, stand alone or countertop, bottom loading, touchless, and more. Next order our delicious, natural spring water in either 3 or 5 gallon bottles to use with your cooler. Then our wonderful team comes to your business, installs it, services it when needed, and keeps track of how much water you need for your next delivery and the deliveries to come. Order now to get your service started as quickly as tomorrow.  Be sure to look for our Starter Packages to make your initial order as easily as possible.

Single Serve Bottled Water

Need water to go?  Take the refreshing taste of spring water with you so you’re always hydrated.  The 16.9 oz and 10 oz. bottles are perfect for any cupholder, cooler or lunch box.  Need individual bottles for meetings?  Your route salesmen can keep you stocked on these too!

Single Serve Bottled Water (16.9oz and 10 oz)
1 Gallon Jug Bottled Water (Spring and/or Distilled)

1 Gallon Bottled Water

One gallon containers of spring and distilled water offer a convenient, portable option.  Distilled gallon bottles work wonderfully for dental practices or in laboratories. They are also perfect when storage space is a challenge.

For water deliveries, simply leave your empty bottles in a designated area (for example: in your break room, in the lobby, by the front door), then on your scheduled delivery day your route salesman will stop by to replace the empty bottles with full ones.

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