Snacks & Drinks for Your Home

Whether you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth or stay on track with a healthy snack, we have a quick snack for everyone. Our snacks are perfect for those on the go, or those looking to hold them over until lunch or dinner. With our speedy delivery and quality service, you can have your pantry stocked within 24 hours!

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Keep your home stocked with all your favorite brands – chips, crackers, Granola Bars, Candy, and more. So, whether you are packing your lunch to go or enjoying something right at home, we have the products you want!

Pantry assorted snacks for the home
Home pantry soda pops, juice, energy drinks, and more


We carry your favorites! From brands like La Croix, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and more, we have the wide range of beverages you’re craving. At Diamond Springs, you can also find sports drinks, energy drinks, and juices. Perfect for pick-me-ups before or after the gym. As always, we bring them to you.

Paper Products

Diamond Springs also carries pantry supplies. Unexpected party? Perfect in a pinch. You can find paper towels, napkins, paper plates, bowls, and plasticware all in one place. Order online and get it delivered right to your home!

Cups, Lids, and more

Diamond Springs also carries paper goods which are great for hosting. You can find paper towels, napkins, paper plates, bowls, and plasticware all in a one-stop shop. With next day delivery we will get you everything you need in record time with ease!

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